Success Stories

Full-stack solutions to expand access to financial services

Success Story

Kubo Financiero

NovoPayment’s full-stack API platform helped Kubo
digitize its existing product capabilities, making it easier
for consumers to access key financial services in Mexico.

The Challenge

Kubo Financiero needed to deploy a new, fully digital card-based deposit-access solution to provide customers with domestic and international payment options while ensuring local regulatory requirements.

Our Approach

NovoPayment integrated its own API infrastructure with Kubo’s pre-existing technical assets to create an instant digital and card-based issuance process for pre-existing and new customers, including the latest AI-driven fraud prevention tools for digital and remote commerce.


Kubo deployed its instant digital account issuance process in record time, gaining the data insights needed to elevate existing customer experiences and create new financial products.

Kubo Financiero