Branded cards that breathe new life into your customer journey

Instantly issue virtual and physical cards, tailored to your customers’ needs.

Convenience, access, and rewards

We help banks, financial institutions, merchants, fintechs, neobanks, and other brands to create new revenue streams and cultivate lasting customer relationships


Design credit, debit, and prepaid cards for your customers and redefine the customer experience.


Leverage our card tokenization capabilities to enable seamless, secure digital payments with customer convenience in mind.

Defense & Risk Management

Deploy advanced analytics to pinpoint, prevent and predict fraudulent activity across multiple channels.

Access Control Server

Respond to merchants’ 3DS authentication requests and support a frictionless online shopping experience.

Push Provisioning

Catapult your cards to the top of customers’ digital wallets with just one click.

BIN Sponsorship

Enjoy expedited time to market with NovoPayment’s expertise and end-to-end BIN Sponsorship services.

Managed Services

Outsource a variety of critical processing functions for outstanding outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Who do we serve?

We help banks, financial institutions, merchants, fintechs, and other brands to create new revenue streams and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Embedded finance

Simplify the shopping experience and extend your brand

Financial inclusion

Drive financial inclusion for unbanked and underbanked customers

Expense management

Control cash flow and oversee employee expenses

Funds disbursement

Lend and pay differently by replacing cash and checks with cards

Customization Scalability Integrations Experiences

A comprehensive platform with all the integrations you need to scale effectively, create customized offerings, and foster customer loyalty.

Single point of contact. Endless possibilities.

Consider NovoPayment the engine that powers your expansion initiatives. We cultivate and coordinate the necessary network partnerships so that you don’t have to.

Customer Success Story


On-demand delivery service Rappi wanted to expand its suite of financial products to better serve underbanked and unbanked users in its native Colombia. The success of this major expansion hinged on absolute local regulatory compliance, a complicated hurdle to overcome. Rappi was also keen to live up to its brand promise-rápido means ‘fast’ in Spanish-with rapid regional deployment.

Our Impact

NovoPayment’s regional banking relationships and agile API architecture facilitated the connection between digital disruptor Rappi and its in-country issuing institution. Our multicurrency solution afforded underbanked and unbanked Rappi users instant access to an online deposit account and card, along with a wide range of transaction services. This partnership further elevated Rappi’s value proposition and allowed more people to participate in the promise of the digital economy.

Key Products

Card Issuing, Switching, and Transaction Processing
Spend Management

Key Use Cases


Instantly issue virtual and physical cards, tailored to your customers’ needs.


Payment tools and solutions for the new digital paradigm.


Everything you need to launch and operate a digital bank

Transform your customers’ digital experiences

Learn how NovoPayment can complement your core technology to enable next-level customer experiences.

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