Success Stories

Spend management system for corporate and commercial clients

Success Story


NovoPayment helped Mexico’s first-tier retail and corporate bank digitize its product offering with an end-to-end, API, and card-based B2B spend management system for corporate and commercial clients.

The Challenge

Banorte needed to digitize and expand its spend management for commercial and multinational corporate clients by providing a new set of features while also maintaining components of its current legacy infrastructure.

Our Approach

NovoPayment implemented a “wrap-and-digitize” strategy through a white label configuration model without Banorte having to modify its core infrastructure. This ensured seamless, multi-channel access for clients and end-users to configure multipurpose fund disbursement solutions for T&E and Procurement.


Today, Banorte’s clients are able to self onboard to the program, request specificaccounts for internal users, fund operations, and obtain BI reports on their business portal. This new API-based model allows Banorte to measure a program’seffectiveness using real-time data, gaining the opportunity to launch new and evolving B2B2C use cases.