Accept digital payments with ease and flexibility

Provide powerful, painless payment options that reflect your customers’ preferences.

Key Use Cases

Whether they are shopping online or buying goods in person, today’s consumer expects to be able to complete purchases in the way they want, through the network they want, with virtually no friction.

Accept payments from major card networks through e-commerce and POS terminals, including embedded options, with NovoPayment’s suite of solutions to support your use case.

We help banks, financial institutions, merchants, fintechs, neobanks, and other brands to create new revenue streams and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Scan to Pay

Merchant-presented QR codes to take in payments for products and services.

Stored Value Cards

Give your customers access to store credit and boost brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Payment Gateway

A single connection to accept all the main eCommerce schemes and payment methods.


Cut down fraud by automatically authenticating users prior to submitting transactions.

eCommerce Defense and Risk Management

Quickly identify fraudulent transactions while accepting more legitimate orders.

Card on File

Store card credentials, enabling more effective security standards & better user experiences.

Who do we serve?

We promote more positive payment experiences for merchants and their customers.

Embedded finance

Remove payment capture pain points, prioritizing user experiences while ensuring payment security

Omnichannel payments

Transcend virtual to physical transactions with a convenient payment capture solution

Frictionless payments

Provide payment capture solutions for large, medium, small, and micro enterprises

Closed-loop payments

Take in payments for your own closed-loop payment ecosystem

Customization Scalability Integrations Experiences

A comprehensive platform with all the integrations you need to scale effectively, create customized offerings, and foster customer loyalty.

Single point of contact. Endless possibilities.

Consider NovoPayment the engine that powers your expansion initiatives. We cultivate and coordinate the necessary network partnerships so that you don’t have to.

Key Use Cases

Transform your customers’ digital experiences

Learn how NovoPayment can complement your core technology to enable next-level customer experiences.

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