Simplify and expedite global payments

Offer consumers the transparency, simplicity, and speed they crave for domestic and cross-border P2P and B2C payments.

Key Use Cases

The rise of eCommerce and global digitalization have given way to a stark increase in cross-border payments, in which the payer and the payee are located in different countries. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down – the value of cross-border payments is expected to reach over $356.5 billion by 20321, making it one of the fastest growing segments within the global payments ecosystem. The true value of cross-border payments lies in the wide variety of use cases they enable. From sending remittances to international trade, travel & tourism, and other forms of commerce in today’s global ecosystem, the opportunities that cross-border payments are creating are endless. NovoPayment is enabling the origination and reception of cross-border payments across the U.S. and LAC for simple and instant global money flows to support various use cases.

Online Account Opening

Deliver a digital account opening experience that emphasizes speed, security and simplicity.

Real-Time Payments

Allow your customers to instantly transfer funds between accounts and people across the globe.

Alias Directory

Quickly and easily find your contacts to send and request transfers.

Card on File Tokenization

Store Mastercard and Visa cards on file using the networks’ respective tokenization schemes.

BIN Sponsorship

Enjoy expedited time to market with NovoPayment’s expertise and end-to-end BIN Sponsorship services.

Online Banking Interfaces

Compelling and customizable portals to keep customers engaged.

Who do we serve?

We help banks, financial institutions, merchants, networks, marketplaces, neobanks, and other financial service providers to create new revenue streams and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

Bank digitization

Give customers access to your services from anywhere, anytime

Digital bank

Quickly launch a new niche bank to target specific customer segments

Financial inclusion

Reach unbanked and underbanked customers with digital-only solutions

Banking as a Service

Embed banking services into your product offering

Expense management

Control cash flow and oversee employee expenses

Customization Scalability Integrations Experiences

A comprehensive platform with all the integrations you need to scale effectively, create customized offerings, and foster customer loyalty.

Single point of contact. Endless possibilities.

Consider NovoPayment the engine that powers your expansion initiatives. We cultivate and coordinate the necessary network partnerships so that you don’t have to.

Key Use Cases

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Learn how NovoPayment can complement your core technology to enable next-level customer experiences.

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Cross-Border Payments