Use Case
Acceptance and Payment Networks


Networks need to evolve from legacy systems and multi-location hardware infrastructures to safe and more versatile digital solutions.


NovoPayment enables end-to-end, digital-first use cases that include enhanced security and better user experiences like Tap-on-Phone, Pin-on-Glass, and Card-on-File merchant solutions.

Wallet enablement and super apps

The development of end-to-end apps enables safe and easy card registration, as well as solutions like QR payments.

Real-time payments

Merchants using Visa and Mastercard-backed solutions are able to scale and maintain that competitive advantage in a digital economy.

Tokenization for token requestors

By enabling the tokenization for acquirer networks, transactions done via card-on-file schemes have more effective security standards and better user experiences.

Merchant In-a-Box

Acquirers and payment networks instantly evolve into digital merchant solutions via mobile technologies like Tap-on-Phone and Pin-on-Glass. Programs can even be paired with account settlement options such as merchant account creation and onboarding.

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