Meet Silvia Piedra, NovoPayment’s Chief Talent Officer

Meet Silvia Piedra, NovoPayment’s Chief Talent Officer

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We are thrilled to welcome Silvia Piedra as our new Chief Talent Officer. Get to know more about Silvia’s background, leadership philosophy, and inspiration to see why she’s the perfect addition to the team.

1. What’s your leadership philosophy? 

I believe that people can become the best version of themselves and achieve great things when they are empowered and trusted.  I lead my team by communicating with transparency, defining goals, showing them the impact of their work, and supporting them in making the best choices, acting always with a balance between passion and discipline. 

2. What app can’t you live without? 

Whatsapp!  It keeps me connected to my personal and professional worlds. It allows me to solve so many issues in parallel…

3. What is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled? 

I have to choose 2:  Greece and England.  Both countries have a fascinating mix of history, unique sights and so many ways to have fun!

4. Who inspires you and why? 

There are several leaders, authors, and regular people who inspire me.  One is Dale Carnegie, who had a very pragmatic, kind and smart way to look at things and educate people on his learnings.  Also, women who have been trailblazers like Billie Jean King, not afraid to speak up and push for equality and empowerment in a time when this was not seen well by many.

About Silvia Piedra 

Silvia is a seasoned Human Resources professional with over twenty years of solid multi-industries experience, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations.  During the past twelve years, she has been in senior leadership roles, one of the most relevant in her career as Sr. Director, People Business Partner – B2B & Latam, in Cable & Wireless Communications (a Liberty Latin America company).   

With a career starting in Latin America, added to her current multi-region responsibilities, Silvia has developed a cross-cultural experience that allows her to effectively focus on business transformation and performance, while considering the nuances of different geographies. 

One of Silvia’s main areas of expertise has been conceptualizing, building, and developing the Human Resources function for companies experiencing quick and steep growth, aligning the area’s purpose and philosophy with the business’ goals. 

Silvia possesses well-recognized talents in collaborating with leaders to evaluate organizational structure, support capability building, workforce planning, influence decisions, and execute complex organizational changes across matrix environments, aimed at meeting ever-changing needs, accelerate revenue growth and OPEX management plans.

Silvia currently leads the HR Department of NovoPayment as Chief Talent Officer, being her main focus to support the successful expansion of the Company’s operations in the US and Latam, by enabling the acquisition, development and engagement of its people.