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NovoPayment Mexico Launches Plata Compras MasterCard

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NovoPayment Mexico Launches Plata Compras MasterCard

An ideal prepaid solution for year-end corporate rewards and gifts

MEXICO CITY – November 8, 2010 – Servitebca Mexico, a subsidiary of NovoPayment and a leading local provider of branded prepaid card solutions for businesses, announced the launch of Plata Compras MasterCard, an innovative program providing companies the ability to issue cards to their employees, sales force, distributors and other business partners, replacing traditional Christmas and end-of-year performance bonuses.

“Plata Compras MasterCard is an intelligent tool for cash management. For businesses, it is a simple and fast solution; it eliminates administrative costs and reduces the risk of using cash and checks,” said Pablo Henonin, General Manager of Servitebca Mexico. “For employees, or card beneficiaries, it is a convenient way to buy whatever they want, wherever they want,” he added.

The program, which can support as few as 20 cards or up to several thousand, targets many of the large and small companies throughout Mexico that struggle every year to select gifts, write checks and stuff envelopes with cash to pay annual bonuses and rewards.

Plata Compras cards can carry the company’s logo, be personalized with the recipient’s name, and preloaded with the exact amounts determined by the company. They are accepted at more than 400,000 establishments nationally. In addition, the cards are supported by a 24-hour call center and online portal for checking balances, transactions and replacing lost or stolen cards.

Plata Compras MasterCard is available starting today. For more information, visit

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