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NovoPayment Launches New Reloadable Prepaid Program

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NovoPayment Launches New Reloadable Prepaid Program

Expects to issue up to 45,000 cards by year’s end

MIAMI – August 2, 2008 – On the heels of launching Latin America’s first mall-branded gift card earlier this year, NovoPayment—Latin America’s prepaid card leader— announced the launch of the Sambil Visa General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Card. As of July 1, a total of 2,700 cards had already been issued in just one kiosk at the Sambil Mall in Caracas, Venezuela, with average initial loads reaching twice the level expected per card. The company projects issuing 35,000 to 45,000 Sambil GPR cards throughout Venezuela by year’s end.

“Our Sambil customers requested a reloadable card, and we heard them loud and clear,” said Anabel Perez, CEO, NovoPayment. “This new card offers them a better alternative to manage their finances while enjoying a safe, convenient way to shop.” Currently, more than 65% of the country’s population has little or no access to credit cards or bank accounts, making the Sambil Visa GPR Card an ideal and empowering financial tool.

The Sambil Visa GPR Card can be used at more than 150,000 points of sale around the country where Visa is accepted, including domestic Internet purchases. Cardholders choose the load amounts, which can range from a minimum initial load of 100 bolívares (US$50) to a maximum per-transaction load of 4,000 bolívares (US$2,000). The Card can be used for transactions via ATM, SMS, P2P and web transactions at, and can reloaded at any of Plata’s 250 reloading centers in any amount denomination, up to 4,000 bolívares (US$ 2,000).

Sambil Mall Caracas is among the largest shopping centers in Latin America with more than three million square feet of space and 500 stores, and is joined by sister properties in Valencia, Margarita, Maracaibo, San Cristóbal, Barquisimeto and soon Punto Fijo (Sambil Paraguaná).

Both the Sambil Visa Gift Card and the Sambil Visa GPR Card are now available at Sambil Mall in Maracaibo, Venezuela’s second largest city. More than 10,000 people visit Sambil Maracaibo on a daily basis, with more than 50,000 visiting on weekends.

The Sambil Visa GPR Card is the fourth reloadable prepaid program launched by NovoPayment in Venezuela. The company’s other GPR programs in the country are Classic Plata, EDC Plata (utility/energy consumption) and Unica Plata (telecom/top-up).

About NovoPayment

Miami-based NovoPayment enables financial services and payments innovation throughout the Americas through a cloud-based, bank-grade platform that supports varied disbursement, collection and digital financial services. The company helps banks, financial institutions, e-money issuers as well as the travel and transportation industry, digital content providers and others to leverage their existing legacy systems and services to generate new transaction streams and capture new deposits while reducing operational risk and accelerating time to market.


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