NovoPayment enables banks, financial
institutions, and others to leverage their
existing systems and services to generate
new deposits and transaction streams.

Our company’s offerings include bank-grade integration, middleware services, and a robust, multi-country, multi-currency platform able to address a full range of back-office and front-end payment needs. These include access to local and global acquiring, ATM, reload, remittance, and mobile networks; and BPO and ERP integration.

Regional Relevance

NovoPayment’s years of experience working in the Americas, our established relationships with local banks and financial institutions, and our modular, localized applications are a winning combination for companies looking to expand their payments initiatives or break into the space.

“I don’t know of anyone else who has the same assets as NovoPayment has today, in addition to doing 95% of what we need to do – truly end-to-end with technology, processing and back office function support.”

testimonial-iconMobile Financial Services Customer

Bank-Grade Security and Compliance

Securely processing and managing transactions across multiple network and systems.

Security Certifications and Best Practices
Security Management Tools
IT Procedures and Controls
AML/FT & KYC Policy
Company Overview

NovoPayment provides banks, financial institutions and others with the know-how and bank-grade tools they need to overcome bottlenecks and capture new deposits and transactional opportunities.


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